Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brenda Power Claims Gays set back the rights of straight couples.

Brenda Power: Two women can never become a child’s parents - Times Online: "Presumably it follows that unmarried heterosexual couples are not “de facto” families either, and if a marriage has been dissolved by divorce then single parents living with biological children do not, arguably, constitute families either. Thanks for that, folks, a big step forward."

With all due respect, Ms Power, Fuck you.

(oh yeah, I went there)

We gays are not in the business of fighting for the rights of straight people who blatantly choose not to avail of all their rights and freedoms. If a straight person chooses not to be married (or to end their very sacred marriage), that is their choice. I'll leave fighting for the rights of already privileged people to you and John Waters.

We're fighting to simply have a choice. Gotit? No? Didn't think so.

In other news, did someone really burn her in effigy? REALLY? Pics or it didn't happen.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi there! I'm enjoying your blog.

Just want to say, in the spirit of friendly discourse, that I'm unclear why you're dropping f-bombs over this. As far as I can tell, Power is pointing out the fallacy that is implicit in claiming that gay couples are not families. If they're not, then these other groups which are families (even according to bigoted assholes), according to law, shouldn't get to be either. By pointing this out, I think she's trying to get people to rethink their assumptions about what equals family.

Some people need things explained to them very, very slowly. I think that's what Power is trying to do - to put things in perspective for people who maybe can't or won't do their own thinking.

I don't think she's implying that making it so that gay couples are families (which, obviously, they are), according to the law, is infringing on the rights of straight people, at all.

Just had to say. Don't hit me :)

AnyDreamWillDo said...

You're a decent person to give her the benefit of the doubt. But Brenda Power ( has a lengthy track record of vilifying the gays. It was just another reason to accuse us of infringing on the rights of straight, catholic, normal people. Ireland is still a very conservative little country, and she quite likes it that way.

And the F-bomb, other than being a part of my own colourful everyday discourse, was a reference to a recent Irish parliamentary scandal that was so much fun it even made it to the Rachel Maddow show. You can view it here: