Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Art-y Stuff... finally

I haven't said much about anything art-y recently, which is a shame. My head is so full of other stuff at the moment.

In fact, my last art-y post was here, my very first post on this blog. Pretty chuffed actually, as the artist actually commented on the entry where I went all fangirl on her painting.

But since then I've purchased two photographic prints by Noah Grey of Texas, formerly of Dublin, Ireland and Redondo Beach, California.

One went to my parents and the other is over my fireplace and I love it so very much. I'll get a picture of it later... it's one of the first things I've loved enough to have properly framed. The sad thing is that as of 2009, Noah Grey left the internet. Actually that's only one of the sad things about him.

He -- a gay, aspie, Texan -- lived in Dublin for a few years with his husband who was epileptic. When Barry died from a siezure in his sleep, Noah left immediately after the funeral. Shortly after his arrival home, his sister died of cancer.

I don't know why he left the internet, but I miss him. While I knew his husband Barry from various animal discussion boards, I never actually met Noah, but his writings and photographs were a regular part of my weeks.

I found a couple photographs of his (besides the one of Barry) still floating around on the internet.

Because I'm obsessed with marine imagines, I chose this one. Enjoy. :-)


Reluctant Housewife said...

It`s beautiful. I love the quality of the light.

AnyDreamWillDo said...

He's so gifted. When I heard he was "leaving the internet" I just about lost my mind because I'd had my eye on a print. But we pulled a few euro together and bought it before it was too late.

I've looked and his site isn't on the wayback machine or cached anywhere. Totally gone. I wish I could show you more of his stuff and rave over it :-)