Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love you Rachel, but...

... but Rick Berman wiped the floor with you last night.

He showed himself to be dressed in super PR teflon. Nothing stuck.

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You had three pages of notes in front of you during the interview. Did you really have nothing other to ask him other than who was paying him?

He said, "It costs nothing to put up a website." Somehow I don't see him with Photoshop and Dreamweaver open, putting together these websites in his spare time. He pays someone to do these. It does cost money. Even if he forks it out himself, someone paid him first.

Also, his facts are absolutely wrong. You could have attacked him on that, but you let him off, preferring to keep asking him to reveal his funding, which he is not going to do. You could have nailed him to the wall with some good research instead of letting him just sit there and grin and make very good points, while happily ignoring your questions.

This is so frustrating because you are so smart. If you weren't, it would seem inevitable, but you have more brains in your pinky finger than this guy could dream of.

I know you're pressed for time and I know it can be hard to come up with questions on the spot but for now I have some suggestions for the next time you have Rick Berman on the show.

Ask him about the medical implications of HFCS. No independent study I can locate has cleared HFCS of being a main culprit in insulin resistance and the epidemic of obesity. Only studies funded by the industry itself have made that assertion.

Ask him does he feel any guilt. Ask him how he feels, being an overweight person himself, about miseducating the general public. Ask him is he worried about diabetes.

And why wasn't he pressed on his ridiculous assertion that the average minimum wage worker has a household income of $50k? One of your viewers worked it out and tweeted that it would take two minimum wage workers working 66 hours a week, 52 weeks a year to make a combined income of $50k.

Since minimum wage workers are disproportionately women (60% of minimum wage workers are women, while we comprise only 46% of the workforce), he could be arguing that a low minimum wage is ok, because women usually have male spouses, who make more than they do. Of course single women and lesbians do not benefit from this serendipidous reality.

On most days, you would find me an adoring, fawning fan. But today, there was too much left unsaid

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