Saturday, October 10, 2009

Because a bisexual character would be dirty

Last night, I was watching Criminal minds when Neal Baer, Executive Producer of Law & Order SVU, tweeted that the star of that show, Mariska Hargitay, was sitting with him. He asked for questions for her.

He got a lot of questions about her baby and her hair (she really liked those questions). She also got a lot of inevitable questions about when her character, Olivia, is going to hook up with Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler or Stephanie March's ADA Alexandra Cabot.

I suspect it wasn't Mariska, but Neal who came up with "Mariska asks: Who do you want me to make with more? Chris or Stephanie." Just historically, Mariska has never shown much eagerness to play with her lesbian fans or A/O shippers, unlike Stephanie March, who loves to tease us. And we love her teasing us.

SVU "shippers" (those who want a relationship to develop, or believe there is already a relationship, between the characters on the show) are roughly divided between those who 'ship Elliot & Olivia (E/O) and Alex & Olivia (A/O). There are other ships, but these are the two largest.

When @TheRealJackie tweeted "Both!" Neal or Mariska tweeted back

@TheRealJackie Hey now, it"s not that kind of show

WTF? It's not what kind of show exactly? Not a show about a strong, bisexual cop? Or it's not that kind of show, as in... it's not porn?

Insert large loud sigh here.

Since when does bisexuality = porn?

For a show that routinely juxtaposes really hot actors and actresses in revealing clothing, with rape scenes, that statement can be taken really the wrong way.

Maybe they read it as "at the same time". And I'm hoping they did. Biphobia is uncool.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure they read it as "Both at the same time" Cause that what I interpreted it as too.

I am 100 percent sure they didn't mean to be negative towards Bi people. They just thought the poster meant "I want her to hook up with both" ;-)