Sunday, June 29, 2008

Driving is not a womens' issue

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That's right Carol, I don't care how you phrase it. The new laws are not a womens' issue and have nothing to do with gender. Women are equally as capable as men of driving safely and passing their test, and I'm sorry if I sound "vociferous" but I actually bothered my ass passing a test (twice in fact, at home and in Ireland) and would prefer not to share the road with the lazy asses who think they're qualified to assess their own driving skill.

And no, there should be no amnesty for older drivers with clean driving records. Some of the worst drivers I know have "clean driving records" mostly because of the disgraceful lack of law enforcement on the roads of Ireland. I know a woman who has driven with no licence whatsoever (provisional expired) for over a year, every day, to and from work, picking up her kids (because having children is a licence to do what you want, with smugness). No garda has ever asked for her licence in that time. And she had a bloody breakdown when she realised, a week ago, that they might be checking licences in July... and she didn't even have a provisional, let alone a full licence.

Until the country starts enforcing laws, people won't bother obeying them... it's just that simple.

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