Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beanz meanz bigotz -- too right.

Ben Summerskill: Heinz has insulted gay consumers | Comment is free |
And while Heinz's decision to withdraw the ad might be seen by them as an easy way to palm off 200 fundamentalist Christian complainants, it seems to have been made under the quaint impression that it will cause no offence to Britain's 3.6 million lesbian and gay consumers. Or any of their friends. Or families. Or colleagues.

I thought I might be over this today, but I'm not. So much so that I've been searching the internet looking for some clue that Heinz might have figured out the huge mistake they made.

While searching, I cam across this article in the UK newspaper, The Guardian.

He says it better than I could or than anyone else has. Heinz made a knee-jerk decision based on a handful of complaints (200 complaints, while meaningful, was probably 1 church group in motion) and that decision has alienated millions.

They've also managed to draw attention to the high fat content of the advertised products as people have been pointing out that the complaints were groundless as the ads are not allowed to be aired during childrens' programming anyway.

I don't think I'll be happy anymore with the ad being reinstated. I expect a full on apology from Heinz. I've left a comment on their website, I hope you all will too.

Here's the link to tell them how you feel.

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Queers United said...

i am boycotting them and emailed them, ill call them later today