Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maldrobe Warfunctions

Maldrobe Warfunctions "Meanwhile, though, I'm developing and testing and checking in and not suffering and not yelling and not waiting for my seriously unhappy Windows environment to get things done. I am no longer desperately jealous of the happy Mac-heads in the office. At the level this thing is performing so far, I may never be."

Amen! It's the Mac jealousy thing that caught my attention. At work there are 4 of us with laptops. 1 of these is a shiny new macbook. I was a mac lover in my teens but got into gaming. Still, I've always been jealous.

But, since I've got Ubuntu, I'm no longer jealous. I even noticed a green eyed glare from macboy himself as I flipped my desktop cube around. Was I ever chuffed.

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