Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mother denied daughter's organs

BBC NEWS : "A mother who urgently needs a kidney transplant has branded the system which denied her the organs of her dying daughter as 'ridiculous'."

As a family member of an extraordinary man who died of kidney failure after two transplants, I have the utmost respect for the process of organ donation.

While I can sympathise with the mother, if I was the local constable I'd be looking into the origin of the fatal asthma attack based on the totally selfish reaction to her daughter's death.

What person, when faced with the sudden and unexpected death of a child, immediately starts thinking about the organ that might suit them... and complains when those organs are donated to people who have been independently judged as needing them more than she does?

It smacks of McCannism... my own word for parental narcissism in the face of losing a child.

In related news, I saw a headline today that they actually finally admitted they were wrong to leave three babies alone in a room while they went drinking. Almost a whole year later, and they finally drop the "we did nothing wrong" speech.

Perhaps I expect too much from parents. Whenever I speak to people who have children, they tell me that I'll never understand the intense love for a child, until you have one, but I don't see much of this love in action.

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