Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm going to see Melissa Etheridge!!!

I've got tickets for her Massey Hall (Toronto) gig in the summer. I'm so excited!

I've seen her once before, in Hammersmith (London) during her Lucky tour. My wife bought me tickets and I was over the moon. I've been a fan of Melissa's forever and had never had the opportunity to see her live.

And grrl, she does not disappoint. After four hours of rockin in our seats, we were exhausted and she was still rockin on stage!

This year, we'll rock some more after the concert as I've been told that the party continues at Toronto's best womens' bar, Slacks. This will be in stark contrast to our London experience where the concert ended late enough that we were unable to procure any refreshments for in the hotel. Even the bloody hotel wouldn't sell us a bottle of wine! Four stars, me arse.

And speaking of hotels, I haven't managed to pick one out yet for the concert. I was looking at the Pantages since that's where they are holding the travel package, and it looks lovely -- especially the serenity floor.

We stayed in the Radission Suites hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia when we were married. I was really impressed! It wasn't cheap, but for the standard of accomodation and service, it was a true bargain. Sadly the Radisson Suites in Toronto appears to be near the airport, not downtown... and I don't want to be driving until the day we leave Toronto.

So any tips would be most welcome, and until then I'm waiting for the alarm guy to show up and surfing Trip Advisor.

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